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Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversaries at the Jinney Ring

Wedding Anniversaries at the Jinney Ring

Whether it be a celebration of a lasting love after many long years, or a chance to renew your vows, the Jinney Ring makes an ideal setting for a wedding anniversary of any calibre.

Having hosted and catered for Silver, Ruby, Golden and Diamond anniversaries, you can be assured that we are prepared to make sure this is a date you will remember (and can remember on) with fondness.

The options for what can be done are as endless as your imagination, with a wide variety of catering, locations and stylistic themes that ensure your anniversary is specific to you and your partner. Classy and grand, complete with string quartet? Cosy and quiet with a warm fire and a delicious meal? An intimate renewal of vows between the two of you? We can find something to suit your brand of love.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements or requests.

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