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Top Glass

Contact Details

Contact Details

Glass Blower: Stuart Fletcher

Telephone: 01527 821034
Mobile: 07970 128891

Working Hours: 10am - 5pm every day of the week.

There are no glass blowing demonstrations at the moment. Please ring the mobile number above if you need something outside of these hours.
About Top Glass

About Top Glass

Established in 1999 by Stuart Fletcher, Top Glass produces colourful, free-blown studio glass.

Every day you can view a vast range of glassware being made. From small collectable paperweights to elegant decanters, bowls and candlesticks, the spectacle of molten glass being fashioned by experienced professionals is a sight to behold - if you have children, be prepared to have to physically drag them away!

Each piece is handmade from 24% lead crystal, noted for its brilliance and clarity. Due to the very nature of glassmaking each piece is a one-off as it is not possible to make two identical pieces.

We have an extensive display of current designs available in a selection of colours, and we are also happy to undertake commissions and reproduce work.

Topglass has a contemporary and innovative approach to design whilst remaining true to the traditional techniques of glassmaking discovered hundreds of years ago.

Glass Blowing

Glass Blowing

This is one of Stuart's team (Alba) blowing glass, hot from the furnace.

Work on Display

Work on Display

Some of the extensive range that is on display in the workshop. Top Glass make highly colourful glass to fit every occasion, they are also happy to take on commsissions.