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Rosie Philpotts - Stylised Illustrations

Rosie Philpott Paintings
Artist and Illustrator: Rosie Philpott
Telephone: 01905 776909
Website: Click here for Rosie's website!

About Rosie Philpott

Rosie Philpott is a local artist based in Droitwich Spa. Rosie studied Fine Art and English Literature at the University of Worcester and now makes a living as an artist and illustrator.

Rosie has received the 'Wychavon Community Recognition Award' for her Arts as she participates in regional events, and her painting's of local views such as "Wonky Droitwich" and "Salt Day" are both very popular with their 'local characters' and quirky, wonky style!
Rosie works with watercolour and fine line pen to create her exaggerated views on the scenery surrounding her, and has recently branched out across the Malvern area to capture the hills in her 'wonky' style!

In Rosie's paintings of Droitwich, 'the boy on the bike' appears in all of them and a dog called 'Elgar' appears in all of her Malvern pictures! Have a look and see if you can find them!

Rosie can create a 'Stylised Portrait' of you and your home, including aspects of your hobbies and interests! Rosie has been praised for being able to capture individuals personalities perfectly and providing customers with a unique and special gift.

Rosie also creates Greeting Cards as well as her original paintings and prints.

If you are interested in a portrait, please contact Rosie for further information and to discuss your requirements.
Visit our Online Shop to purchase Rosie's Artwork

Visit our Online Shop to purchase Rosie's Artwork

Rosie Philpott

Rosie Philpott

"Wonky Droitwich 1938"