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Helen Parry - Free Spirit, Live It

Free Spirit, Live It
Artist: Helen Parry


Helen is open to commissions- please get in touch!

About Helen Parry

About Helen Parry

Helen is an artist from rural Herefordshire. She has always loved art and started painting aged just 7. She is completely self-taught and loves the freedom of experimenting with pyrography, watercolours, pastels, photography, t-shirt designs and more recently the Rock People art.

She is fascinated by nature and enjoys macro-photography, as well as capturing small details such as the feathers in larger paintings. Helen looks to take unusual photographs to use in her work, such as this seed caught in a water droplet (available soon to buy) titled Fragile World, taken after a rainstorm at Queenswood in Herefordshire. I chose this name because of the fragility of the droplet: any movement would have destroyed it, much like our fragile planet earth.

Helen loves travelling in her T25 campervan, experiencing new countries, different wildlife and amazing scenery. She loves being outdoors in any weather and encourages others to explore: "the feeling of fresh air on a hike is wonderful, it does you good in both mind and spirit." She loves finding new ways to express her feelings through art.