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Craft Unit Rentals - Details

We have availability for pop-up shops on site at Jinney Ring. Please contact the office for further details on 01527 821272 or email

At the moment there are no vacant workshops on site

If you are intested in coming here in the future, we do maintain a waiting list of interested parties and will let you know if a unit becomes vacant if you e-mail us your contact details and give an overview of what you do.

Please read the information below and then if you are interested please contact Amanda Sunter (through 'contact us' details below).

Criteria for Running a Craft Unit

Criteria for running a craft unit under licence at the Jinney Ring:

You must:

- Make "product" yourself on site and be available for general public to view.
- Make "product" that is complimentary to the philosophy of a Craft Centre.
- Ensure that your "product" is not in conflict/competition with any of the other units.
- Unit must be open a minimum of 6 days/wk when the Centre is open (daytime).
(Your day off will be specified by us.)
- Be prepared to work as part of a team to ensure the success of the whole Centre.

The costs of being here are:
Licence Fee - minimum of £250 per month (smallest unit)
+ Optional Internet and Telephone services available .
+ Small marketing fee payable monthly (currently £12/month)
+ Your own electricity/utility costs.

The benefits of being at the Jinney Ring are:
¢ Well known and highly visited attraction
¢ Free and easy car parking for customers
¢ Part of an active arts and craft environment
¢ Collective marketing benefit
¢ Good support and facilities on site