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Lockdown notice

Due to the Government mandated lockdown from November 5th until at least December 2nd, things will be a little uncertain as far as the Craft Units are concerned.

However don't worry too much, we will be be doing our best to accomadate, so if you have an queries or concerns, give us a ring on 01527 821 272 during our working hours and we will try and get it sorted.

Thank you for your patience and watch this space for more updates on our plans through the lockdown!

All Craft Units are currently subject to lockdown except KNIGHTSGROVE FARM SHOP. WAGON HOUSE GARDENS and BCM ALE HOUSE (takeaway only). THEY ARE OPEN WED - SUN 11am - 4pm.
Site map

Site map

Click Here to see a map of our grounds, showing where each of our Craft Units are.