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Chris Bell - Tactile Pottery

Chris Bell
Potter: Chris Bell

Telephone: 07866 671469

Studio Opening Details: Open every day.

About Chris Bell

Chris enjoys making a variety of items including thrown pots, slab built planters, and house signs; all of which can be personalised to customers requirements.

Many of these items tend to be dry-glazed and often have embedded patterns or plant material to create tactile surfaces.

Chris uses a selection of clays but most items are fired to high stoneware temperatures in a gas kiln, where they are starved of oxygen to create the interesting glaze surface effects that he likes. The low fired items are "Raku" fired, that is heated up to about 1000 C and then taken out of the kiln while still hot using tongs and placed into sawdust to again create dramatic glaze surface qualities.

Due to the drying and firing times involved in creating handmade ceramics, please allow approximately 4 weeks for commissioned items to be ready.