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Pudding Night in Ring's Restaurant

Pudding Nights

Pudding Nights are our most popular regular theme nights and sell out quickly!!

The next dates are:
Friday 22 March 2019 - Only 2 table's remaining for 22nd March, get your booking in today!
Friday 14 June 2019

Menu for June's Pudding Night to follow soon!

Tickets are £28.95 per person or £27.95 each when booked for groups of 6 or more.
A child's ticket is £16.75 and applies to under 12 year olds.

Pudding nights start at 7:30pm and normally end around 10:30 - 11pm (depending on your appetite!!)

Please note:
There are no physical tickets for this event. Upon booking, you will receive an automated response from our website and also a confirmation email which is the equivalent to an e-ticket.

Pudding Night

Pudding Night

Pudding Night Menu

Pudding Night Menu

Pudding Night Voucher

How about a voucher for the Pudding Night to give as a gift?

The voucher is for 2 places on one of our evenings of 'sweet delight'. Run 2 or 3 times per year in Ring's Restaurant.

Only 2 table's remaining for Friday 22nd March, get your booking in today!

Click here to find this voucher in our online shop

Your own pudding night

Do you want your own Pudding night, maybe for a birthday or a club event? With 35 people we will run one for you.......!!

You can also order desserts from us all year around (including Christmas).