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Attractions and Craft Studios

Jinney Ring Craft Studios and Shops

Jinney Ring Craft Studios and Shops

There are 10 working craft studios at the Jinney Ring for you to explore and meet the artists to see their work.

The craft studios include Jigsaw Trees, Mike Salt Art Studio, The Pottery Workshop, Reinvented, Pegs Etc, Belinda Terry Jewelley, Lapelli Enamel Studio, Chocolate Deli, Top Glass, Bill Piper Violin Maker and Wagon House Gardens.

We also have a large Gift Shop with Artist Gallery.

Click here for full details on craft units and shop at Jinney Ring Craft Centre.

Hula Hoops
Hula Hoop Demos

Hula Hoop demos throughout the day and into the evening, by the very talented Evie.
Jinney Ring Ducks
Jinney Ring Ducks

Our friendly ducks at Jinney Ring love to meet you in the garden. We have a variety of breeds as well as ducklings at this time of year. We provide corn which can be purchased at 50p a bag to feed to the ducks.

Click here to find out more about the ducks.