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Clog Dancing

Cast Off Appalachian Step Dancers

Cast Off Appalachian Step Dancers

Monday 17th April
11:30pm to 2:30pm

Cast Off are a team of 11 dancers, based in Bromsgrove. They started over 17 years ago and have had our current line up for 9 years. They perform regularly at festivals, comunity and fundraising events throughout the West Midlands.

Appalachian dance comes from North America and is a mixture of dance styles taken there by 19th century settlers from Europe. So there are Irish, Scottish, folk dance and European influences, as well as Native American steps.They choreograph all of their own lively and energetic dances.

Cast Off perform 'team precision clogging' and wear shoes with both toe and heel taps to give a percussive sound. Rhythmic steps and expressive footwork give their dances their unique feel.

They regularly dance at both the Belbroughton and Arrow Valley Scarecrow Festivals wearing scarecrow outfits, otherwise they wear black, white and red uniforms.